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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One heck of a year!

Man !! That could keep me going for years !!

T.E. at NED was a mess. I did all sorts of things, except studies, which I hated ( my transcript makes this more visible, if you are not convinced ).

The first new great thing that I explored was going to programming competitions. Man !! That was awesome. We had three competitions, and we were like fourth, third and second, in the first, second and third competitions. So it was quite an improvement.

I had a great unexpected win in a software competition also !

BILL !! You gotta come up with a better pickup line, or else, asking her SAT score is definitely not going to do it.

I did a couple of nice projects, wrote a couple of paper-like things, enjoyed hanging around with friends after school, and getting high ( not literally ;) ) !!

Exams ? What are you talking about ? I'm high !!



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