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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Microsoft Trilogy

Microsoft ? Me ? No! it cant be like that !! That was the first question I asked for atleast one week when I got up !! It all happened in a snap and I never knew. It all started with a phone interview and the next thing I knew was a congratulations email from Microsoft telling me that I was hired.

It all started like this:

One of my friends sent me an email about Microsoft coming to Dubai to hire Pakistanis. I did not send my CV at first. But then a friend of mine sent his CV, and he got a phone interview. I sent my CV somewhere near the end of January, and got a phone interview in a couple of days. That was unbelievable. It was a lady named Priya, who emailed me and then took my phone interview. That interview was one heck of an experience for me. I thought I had a terrible interview and I never saw myself clearing that one. I got all the technical questions right, but I failed the IQ question. And as I had heard, the IQ question was the decider, which was wrong. In a week I got an email inviting me to Dubai for in-person interviews. This was the beginning of a very long and painful process....

To be continued...



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